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Wellspring’s Mission: to provide support & skills to people facing challenges to their financial, physical or emotional well being in order to help them achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

Wellspring Hull - offering a hand up

What inspires someone to do the right thing? What inspires someone to help a stranger? We at Wellspring believe it is in the nature of humans to seek opportunities to lend a hand. Wellspring was founded in that belief, and we strive to give a hand up, not a handout, to every client and every family that seeks our assistance. Success takes on many shapes, and success means different things to different people. For some Wellspring students, success means earning a Secondary School Diploma or GED. For other students, it means learning to read or write, with the hope that someday the skills they have earned will position them to receive a credential.

Success to many means that you reach a level of independence and self sufficiency where you no longer need the assistance of an organization like Wellspring. To others, success is knowing where the next meal will come from while you are looking to take the first steps on the path to independence. No matter what an individual’s definition of success is, Wellspring is there to provide inspiration and hope.

As Wellspring embarks on Inspire Success: The Campaign for Wellspring, we look back on our successes and setbacks. We seek to improve upon our triumphs and learn from our challenges. In 2003, Wellspring completed its last capital campaign, which allowed the organization to purchase the building that currently houses the many programs now available at Wellspring. At that time, Wellspring served 400 people annually.

Today, Wellspring lends a hand to more than 3,500 people each year. The increase is in part due to the growing need, but much of it can be attributed to Wellspring’s ability to recognize problems and create solutions. Each problem solved provides another service for current clients while creating opportunities for more people in the community.

Inspire Success: The Campaign for Wellspring is not about buildings, it’s about people. Proper space allows Wellspring to serve the community with dignity, respect and compassion. By growing our facilities, we can continue to grow the programs that impact lives and inspire success.

We invite you to join us in creating hope for neighbors in need. We invite you to help us inspire success!

Vinny Harte
Executive Director